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Evonik launches new polymer powder for 3D printing applications in higher temperature range

Evonik has developed a new polymer powder for applications in higher temperature range as part of its polyamide 6 series. The product further expands Evonik’s portfolio of high-performance materials for powder-based 3D printing technologies.

Evonik’s new polyamide powder features high mechanical strength as well as excellent chemical and temperature resistance. Its heat deflection temperature (HDT B) is around 195 °C. Moreover, the powder material stands out for its low water absorption—below 3%—which has a positive effect on processability in 3D printing and the dimensional stability of printed 3D components.

New, ready-to-use materials that are optimally adapted to the individual printer and expand the range of application to higher temperatures move the 3D printing industry one step further toward series production. We are seeing strong demand for 3D solutions in the higher temperature range—for example in the automotive and electronics industries. That’s why we were pleased to launch the new temperature-stable material together with Evonik.

—Mark Zhao, founder and CEO of TPM 3D Chinese technology company for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)


Demonstration part made from the new polymer powder of Evonik’s Polyamide 6 series. The high performance material has been specially developed for applications in the higher temperature range.

The new polymer powder in Evonik’s polyamide 6 series with its nearly round grain shape stands out for excellent flowability and application properties, making it suitable for all powder-based 3D printing technologies. A proprietary procedure of Evonik is employed to produce the high-temperature material at the company’s Marl site.

The 3D printing market is booming, posting double-digit growth rates. Evonik is a world leader in the production of polyamide 12 powders (PA 12), which have been used in additive manufacturing technologies for more than 20 years. In addition to PEEK filament and PA 12 powders, the company's product portfolio includes flexible PEBA powders as well as a full range of additives such as dispersion agents, flow improvers or reactive modifiers.


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