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Lion Electric launches battery-electric Class 8 urban truck

Canada-based Lion Electric Co. (Lion) has unveiled its first all-electric Class 8 urban truck this morning. The Lion8 will be commercialized this Fall and the first vehicle will be delivered to Société des Alcools du Québec (SAQ).


The Lion8 supports a battery capacity of up to 480 kWh (LG Chem NMC cells) for a range of up to 250 miles on a single charge. The battery management system is designed by Lion.

The standard on-board charging system is 19.2 kW AC (J1772); DC fast charging (CCS Combo) is available. The on-board charger has V2X capabilities.

The electric motor delivers up to 350 kW and 3,500 N·m of torque. The Lion8 has a maximum speed of 65 mpg (105 km/h).

Multiple wheelbase configurations are available, and the truck is available as a straight-body truck or a tractor. Although Lion just launched its Lion8, the company already has orders and committed buyers; SAQ, for one, has already placed an order.



Better aerodynamics could reduce this designs energy consumption by 20 to 30%.

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