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Vulog partners with Segway to accelerate creation of shared micro-mobility services

Vulog, a technology platform for free-floating, round-trip, peer-to-peer carsharing, scootersharing, ride-hailing and hybrid services, is partnering with Segway to accelerate creation of shared micro-mobility services.

Through a deep integration between Vulog’s AiMA platform and new sharing-ready scooters from Segway, existing mobility operators and new entrants can now deploy profitable, large-scale shared kick-scooter services more easily and more quickly.

The first European shared mobility service combining cars and kick-scooters harnessing the partnership between Vulog and Segway will be launched in Q2 2019.

Segway is the world’s leading supplier to scooter-sharing operators. Vulog is the global leader in shared mobility software, and its advanced technology powers 25 schemes in cities across five continents.

This new collaboration with Segway allows us to advance the development of micro-mobility services for our operator customers. We have now made it faster and simpler to establish a scooter-sharing service, expanding the number of ways users can travel door-to-door and helping to reduce traffic congestion and pollution in our cities.

—Gregory Ducongé, CEO of Vulog

This is the first collaboration between Vulog and a mobility manufacturer; Vulog expects soon to announce similar arrangements with car manufacturers so that they can offer sharing-ready cars to operators.

The shared mobility movement is ultimately about reducing dependence on private vehicle ownership, and thereby mitigating congestion and pollution in cities. Estimates suggest that each shared car can reduce the number of private cars in a city by between seven and 15 cars.

The AiMA platform’s enhanced set of features is fueled by Vulog’s data insight and artificial intelligence proficiency, developed over 12 years, and by the experience of implementing 25 customer projects that powered 15 million journeys in 2018 alone. Other new features recently added include improved predictive demand management, specific electric fleet management enhancements, and the integration of autonomous shared mobility capabilities.


Fully API-driven, AiMA enables sophisticated technical integrations to offer a fully customizable, end-to-end turnkey solution.


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