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The smarter E Europe joins forces with Eurogas and Hydrogen Europe

The smarter E Europe, the continent’s largest energy industry platform, has signed a cooperation agreement with the associations Eurogas and Hydrogen Europe. Their objective is to join forces in achieving a decarbonized Europe and work together towards a future powered by renewable energy.

The future role of Power-To-X and how hydrogen, together with solar and wind energy, can pave the way towards successful sector coupling will be among the topics discussed at The smarter E Europe and its individual exhibitions, which are taking place in Munich on 15–17 May 2019.

All 28 EU Member States have signed the COP21 Paris Agreement to keep global warming well below 2° Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the increase in temperature to 1.5° Celsius. This target will fundamentally change the way in which energy is generated, stored, distributed and consumed in the EU. Attaining this goal will require power generation to become virtually carbon neutral and will also necessitate greater energy efficiency and the widespread decarbonization of transport systems, buildings and industry.

Hydrogen has the potential to play an important role in this transformation, particularly when it comes to effective sector coupling. This is highlighted by the study “Hydrogen Roadmap Europe: A sustainable pathway for the European Energy Transition.”

For example, renewable energy can be converted into hydrogen so that it can be stored seasonally or for long periods. Using hydrogen is also a promising way of decarbonizing areas of the energy, mobility, building and industrial sectors. It is an attractive alternative for trucks, buses, ships, trains and commercial vehicles, where batteries still have their disadvantages due to lower energy densities. Gas also has the potential to play an increasingly significant part in the decarbonization and creation of a modern energy industry, especially in the context of the latest Power-To-Gas technologies. The new cooperation will therefore give exhibitors and visitors numerous opportunities to explore and collaboratively develop new processes and business models.

As part of the new cooperation with Eurogas and Hydrogen Europe, an all-day conference event dedicated to Power-To-X will take place at the ICM – Internationales Congress Center München on Thursday, 16 May in parallel to ees Europe, the continent’s largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems.

The event is aimed at energy supply companies, power plant operators, grid operators, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and components for Power-To-X systems, investors and politicians.



This may be the way to go to reduce total live time operation (O&M) cost by 50% to 66+% while reducing pollution, GHGs and climate changes.

The world needs 1,000,000+ similar AD-e-buses ASAP.


The above comment were posted in the wrong place. Should be moved to AD e-buses.


Clean H2 may be one of the best short, medium and long term RE energy storage method. Secondly, clean H2 is usable in all transport vehicles, ships, locomotives, machinery, future e-planes, residences, offices, schools and industries.

One of the best route towards pollution, GHGs and climate change reductions.

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