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DOE to provide $30M for fusion research on international facilities

Department of Energy (DOE) plans to provide $30 million for experimental research on magnetic fusion energy science at international fusion facilities known as tokamaks. (DE-FOA-0002076) The research will be conducted by US scientists on existing facilities in the European Union, South Korea, and other countries that have existing bilateral agreements with the United States.

The awards will support both multiple and single institution research teams working to advance the physics and technology of tokamak operation through bilateral research on facilities with capabilities not available in the US.

Tokamaks use a strong magnetic field to confine a hot plasma in the shape of a doughnut and are the leading candidate in the worldwide pursuit of a fusion power plant based on magnetic plasma confinement.

National laboratories, universities, and private industry will be eligible to lead the three-year awards, which will be selected on the basis of peer review. Total funding planned for the program is $30 million, with outyear funding contingent on congressional appropriations.



Wonder how many $$$B were spent worldwide on the same subject, during the last 40+ years, without meaningful results?

Equivalent funding (or much more) for improved, higher efficiency, lower cost batteries, solar/H2 cells, fuel cells and H2 storage could be more promising?

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