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S. Korea launches new company to lead construction of hydrogen fueling infrastructure; 100 stations by 2022

South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE) announced that 13 hydrogen-related companies, including Hyundai Motor, are partnering to launch a special purpose corporation (SPC), named HyNet, to drive the construction of hydrogen refueling infrastructure in the country.


HyNet, with an investment of US$119 million (134 billion KRW) has the goal of building out 100 hydrogen stations by 2022—one-third of the Korean government’s target to build a total of 310 stations across the country by the same year.

HyNet will use the initial investment and subsidies from the Ministry of Environment—1.5 billion KRW (US$1.3 million) for each station, to build the infrastructure.

Korea Gas is the largest shareholder in HyNet, followed by Hyundai.



At 100,000 square kilometres about the size of Indiana or a third of the size of Germany 310 hydrogen stations will give adequate coverage for most, if a bit skimpy.


So-Korea, Japan, California and Germany have decided to build clean H2 national network stations by 2022 or so?

Will Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes and WV be able to build enough affordable FCEVs to meet demands?


It is a dual edge, they need FC cars to deploy stations,
but stations to sell cars.

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