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Munich Re insuring battery performance; stationary first, EVs in second phase

Munich Re is the world’s first insurer to offer a product that covers battery performance. The product allows manufacturers in the booming battery market to offer long-term performance guarantees—whose value is backed by the insurance coverage.

The new coverage allows battery manufacturers to insure their customer warranties. For example, if the repair or replacement costs of defective or weak battery modules exceed a predetermined amount, the insurance then covers the rest. Manufacturers can thus unburden their balance sheets.

It will also become easier to obtain project financing, because the maximum costs for any warranties are capped by the insurance cover. This constitutes a distinguishing feature for investors. The product makes it significantly easier for manufacturers to ramp up deployment of battery capacities, thus making renewable energy more dependable and widely available.

The coverage can optionally be expanded to protect selected investment projects directly, so that the insurance will pay even if the manufacturer who issued the warranty files for insolvency within the warranty period.

The insurance cover is primarily aimed at major projects, such as those to ensure grid stability or to cover peak demand periods. In a second phase, the product will be introduced onto the mobility market, for example to insure performance of batteries in electric vehicles.

The first customer for the new insurance product is the US battery manufacturer ESS Inc., whose redox flow batteries will now be sold with Munich Re’s performance warranty cover. ESS produces stationary battery modules that allow energy from solar parks and network operators to be stored over long periods.

Munich Re is a leader in the development of new insurance solutions for climate-friendly technologies. In addition to its new battery performance insurance, Munich Re has been offering performance coverage in other areas of the renewable energy sector for several years, for example for solar and wind parks and fuel cells.



The practical outcome of this is the customer will paid a higher price for the car that insures the car maker not necessarily the customer...I think the manufacturer of the battery should bear the burden of producing a worthwhile product and accept the liability of the product; middle man insurance companies horning in on the transaction can only result in jacking up the prices.

Insurance companies do not add value to products ; only more third person profit at the expense of the buyer and for what?.. shuffling paper. They earn money by selling security and not paying claims they can escape...insuring batteries is not a good idea.

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