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Butagaz and Global Bioenergies make first delivery of bio-isobutene

Butagaz and Global Bioenergies have delivered for the first time bio-isobutene to the Héraclès winery, France’s largest organic wine cooperative.

Supplying natural gas, electricity, wood pellets, propane and butane gas, Butagaz is continuing to diversify through its partnership with Global Bioenergies, a French company and pioneer in using renewable resources such as sugar beet to produce gaseous hydrocarbons through fermentation.

In this context, Butagaz and Global Bioenergies are offering to the Héraclès winery, France’s leading connected and ecological wine producer, the first delivery of gas containing 3% bio-isobutene, a gas produced using biomass resources which can help to reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40%.

Our ambition is to develop “green” gas capabilities by choosing to gradually introduce bio-isobutene into propane gas and thus provide a traceable and innovative product that is made in France, enabling us to empower companies.

In this way we want to empower the Héraclès Winery, a leader in organic wine-making, and, more recently, with the introduction of its smart cellar, a response to the long term economic challenges. As such we share with them a commitment to reducing the footprint of energy consumption. It is for this reason that we wanted the Winery to be our pilot project.

—Emmanuel Mannooretonil, Director of New Business Development and Innovation at Butagaz


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