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Ascend Performance Materials, the world’s largest fully integrated producer of polyamide 6,6 resin (PA66), will showcase its solutions for automotive lightweighting and electrification at PIAE (Plastics in Automotive Engineering) 2019.

Among the solutions to be shown are two new grades for automotive structural inserts in downgauged metal, Vydyne R433H and R435H. Used in the body-in-white, Vydyne R433H and R435H help reduce weight without sacrificing safety or comfort. Both grades exhibit superior energy absorption over traditional glass-filled PA66 and are suited for reinforcement sections in downgauged steel and aluminum structures.

The body-in-white and closures account for nearly half the weight of a given vehicle. Any gains made in weight reduction in the BIW will help increase efficiency in internal combustion, hybrid and electric vehicles.

—John Saunders, Ascend’s European leader

Also to be featured at the PIAE Congress, Ascend’s Vydyne J series of copper-free and non-halogenated electrically neutral PA66 grades have shown a perfect fit in low contact corrosion E&E (Electrical & Electronics) applications for hybrid and electric vehicles.



If the weight of the body-in-white can be reduced by 20% to 40%, the weight of the rest of the electrified vehicles could possibly also be reduced almost proportionally. Less costly batteries could reduced the total price.

Why drive around with a 5,000/6,000 lbs BEV if it can be done with 2000/2500 lbs?

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