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440 kWh Proterra 35' Catalyst electric bus completes Altoona testing

Proterra announced that the Proterra Catalyst E2 35-foot bus has successfully completed the safety, structural strength and distortion tests at the Altoona Bus Research and Testing Center with 440 kWh of onboard energy storage, the most energy on board a 35-foot bus tested at Altoona.

The purpose-built design of the Proterra Catalyst places batteries beneath the floor of the bus and outside the passenger compartment, with the option for additional battery packs on the roof. This design creates a low center of gravity and enables more energy to be stored on board to increase power and range. With more energy on board and best-in-class fuel efficiency, Proterra vehicles continue to be ready to meet the daily mileage needs of nearly every transit route on a single charge.

Proterra has tested more battery-electric vehicles at Altoona than any other manufacturer and was the first electric vehicle manufacturer to complete Altoona testing with a battery-electric bus. Previously, the Proterra Catalyst E2 Max bus exceeded the world record for driving the longest distance ever traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge.



So, if we take the figure of 2.17 kWh per mile travelled*, we get a range to empty of 200 miles. Not bad, I suppose, for frequent stop routes, but not for inter city transport.
(The report is a bit old, we can assume things are a bit better now).

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