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Clariant launches first bio-based version of Pigment Red 254

Clariant has launched the first bio-based version of iconic Pigment Red 254—the automotive’s industry most widely-used red pigment for exterior coatings.

Clariant is the only pigment producer to offer high-performance Diketopyrrolo Pyrrole (DPP) pigments, such as Pigment Red 254 and other red, pink and violet shades, based on renewable raw materials. It is pioneering the use of succinic acid derived from renewable resources rather than from crude oil for manufacturing all of its DPP reds.

DPP pigments are valued for automotive because of their high strength of color and durability. Bold colors such as red however stretch beyond the domain of cars in urban transport. Buses often favor stand-out shades of red, bright green or intense yellow. Strong blues are a frequent choice for trains because of the association with serenity and dirt-hiding abilities, however vibrant colors are gaining interest, as on India Railway’s semi-high speed trains, for example.

Clariant extends its sustainability support here as well. It introduces an innovative opportunity to mass manufacture high-volume paints for color branding modes of tranport and machinery applications more efficiently, and with less energy-use, through highly-efficient, brilliant co-dispersing organic pigments. Renewable DPP pigments are found in this range too.


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