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Ford introducing 48V mild-hybrid Fiesta and Focus in Europe

At a Ford “Go Further” experience in Amsterdam on 2 April, Ford will unveil Fiesta and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid models for Europe.

The Fiesta EcoBoost Hybrid and Focus EcoBoost Hybrid will feature a mild-hybrid architecture with a belt-driven integrated starter/generator (BISG) replacing the standard alternator, enabling recovery and storage of energy usually lost during braking and coasting to charge a 48-volt lithium-ion air-cooled battery pack.

The BISG also acts as a motor, integrating with the low-friction, three-cylinder 1.0‑liter EcoBoost combustion engine and using the stored energy to provide torque assistance during normal driving and acceleration, as well as running the vehicle’s electrical ancillaries.

The electric torque assistance helps deliver punchier, more responsive performance, particularly at lower engine speeds, for a more flexible and connected driving experience. The BISG has also enabled Ford engineers to boost the 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine’s power with a larger turbocharger by mitigating turbo-lag.

In addition to the Fiesta and Focus EcoBoost Hybrids, the new Mondeo Hybrid wagon was unveiled earlier this year, featuring a full-hybrid architecture that delivers a gasoline-electric driving experience and an alternative to diesel powertrains. The Mondeo Hybrid wagon is the only full-hybrid available in wagon body style in the large family car segment.

Ford also is introducing mild-hybrid powertrain solutions to enhance the fuel-efficiency of the Transit 2-tonne and Transit Custom vans, and the Tourneo Custom eight/nine-seater people-mover, on sale later this year.

Ford earlier this year announced that every one of the company’s nameplates launched from the all-new Focus onwards will include one or more electrified options. This includes new nameplates and new versions of existing vehicles. From Fiesta to Transit, either a mild-hybrid, full-hybrid, plug-in hybrid or full battery electric option will be offered.



Sounds good, as long as they are affordable and the Mild Hybrid has a decent effect on fuel consumption.
it is a bit pointless if no-one can (or will) afford them.
So lets hope the price increment is < e600.


'Lipstick on a Pig' approach because they waited so long??


It will be really interesting to see how this 48V systems work out in real life. I have my doubts, particulary how this will work with conventional AT and not assisting in propulsion when engine is OFF and transmission in N. IMO, there will be a considerable lag in throttle response from this conditions, no way around it.

As for the price point, Focus 1.0 ecoboost with powershift transmission is already very close to a Toyota Corolla 1.8 hybrid, with 48V system it will be even closer. It's very simple win for the Toyota when choosing the two.


@Lad the answer to your question is Legislation.

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