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Velodyne has shipped 30,000 lidar sensors worth $500M

Velodyne has shipped a cumulative total of 30,000 lidar sensors with a total value of half a billion dollars.

Velodyne is the highest volume supplier of lidar sensors to the automotive industry with more than 250 customers globally. Lidar sensors are a central component of autonomous vehicles (AVs) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Velodyne’s sensors are used in a myriad of new technologies and rapidly growing industries, including unmanned aerial vehicles, delivery services, mapping, industrial safety, robotics, security, marine uses, and more.

Velodyne produces both directional and surround-view sensors with best-in-class range and resolution. The rich computer perception data provided by these sensors allows immediate object and free space detection for safe navigation.

Velodyne is scaling production by licensing core lidar technology to Tier 1 supplier Veoneer for a long-term, high-volume manufacturing agreement with a global automaker.



Wow. $500million for 3o,ooo sensors. That's getting on for $20,000 per unit. Well done Velodyne!

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