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CARB accepting research concepts from general public

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is accepting research concepts from the general public. Submitted concepts will be reviewed to inform which projects may be funded in the upcoming fiscal year.

To be considered for funding in fiscal year 2020-2021, concepts must be submitted by 8 July 2019, 5:00 pm, PST. Concepts submitted after this deadline will be considered for the next fiscal year.

Concept submissions consist of a title and a brief (300 words or less) description of the research concept (in one paragraph—do not include paragraph returns in the submission). The description should articulate why this concept is relevant to CARB’s policies and/or programs. It should include a clearly stated research objective, brief description of methods that could or would be employed, and what the final product or deliverable of the research would be. Information on time and funding needed to conduct the research is helpful but not required.

Only concepts that clearly demonstrate policy relevance to CARB will be considered. CARB’s current research priorities are described in the Triennial Research Plan for Fiscal Years 2018-2021.

CARB research initiatives fall into four main categories:

  • Health and Environmental Justice (EJ) Research Initiatives

  • Air Quality Research Initiatives

  • Climate Initiatives

  • Cross-cutting Research Initiatives


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