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ARPA-E issues RFI to scale, mature, and advance ARPA-E-funded technologies

ARPA-E is seeking information (DE-FOA-0002120) to help frame a potential new funding opportunity for public-private partnerships supporting the further refinement, scaling, and piloting of successful ARPA-E technologies.

The potential program would collaborate with investors and private sector partners to advance promising technologies developed under ARPA-E awards (both prior and ongoing) to pre-pilot and pilot R&D projects. The projects would need to demonstrate scalability, reliability, and manufacturability.

Through this RFI, ARPA-E seeks to:

  • Identify successful ARPA-E technologies that have established proof of concept and are ready for scaling R&D projects in manufacturability, reliability, etc. Identify the companies that propose to lead the next stage of development for these ARPA-E technologies.

  • Gauge interest from potential investors and industry partners to support and participate in scale-up/pilot projects.

  • Frame the structure and management for potential funding opportunities to support scale-up/pilot projects of ARPA-E technologies with investor and industry participation.

  • Facilitate engagement between innovators and partners, specifically to make connections in advance of the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit in July 2019.

Success of these scale-up/pilot projects will establish the path forward to continued private sector development and deployment of these transformational technologies.


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