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Ricardo partners with Geely on development of transmission for range-extended plug-in hybrid vehicles

Geely Auto Group (Geely) has selected Ricardo to assist with the development—right through to production implementation—of a new advanced transmission for range-extended plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Key requirements for the transmission are high efficiency and competitive cost for high volume A and B-segment products.

The approach taken is highly collaborative and flexible, with co-located, joint teams comprised of both Geely and Ricardo engineers based both in the UK and in China. Not only does this support good internal communications and optimal decision-making processes, it will also help in meeting challenging time-to-market targets.

In addition to the core engineering team, support will also be available from Ricardo’s technical centers in other locations including the Czech Republic. Ricardo’s involvement will encompass the mechanical design, control and calibration of the new transmission.

The collaboration with Geely builds on Ricardo’s strong track record in assisting a wide range of customers in the development of advanced transmission technologies, and successfully bringing them to production.


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