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Electric pickup startup Atlis Motor Vehicles releases XP prototype platform

Atlis Motor Vehicles, a startup electric pickup truck manufacturer, has built their prototype platform, dubbed the XP. The XP is the next step on their way to a fully-functioning, full-size prototype pickup truck.

Atlis had tested a fast-charging prototype battery pack last year that fully charged in under 15 minutes, a larger version of which is used in the XP.


This skateboard is both the base for the upcoming Atlis XT pickup and a stand-alone product intended for vehicle builders such as RV manufacturers, step van manufacturers, box truck manufacturers, or anyone looking for a medium- to heavy-duty electric platform from which to build.

The XP platform comprises two identical modular drive systems located in the front and rear of the vehicle, with a central battery pack.


Atlis is designing for a full drive-by-wire system, so controls will be able to integrate with either traditional pedals and steering wheel, located anywhere the vehicle requires, or with autonomous capabilities in the future. The platform will become an ongoing test bed for various technologies as Atlis continues to develop and integrate solutions for extended range, faster charging, improved towing and payload capabilities, and reduced cost.



The all-wheel drive/all-wheel steer allows some very good maneuvering in tight spots.  Probably not a huge selling point i the truck market, but some users are going to find it handy.


Rear steer assist has been available for many years on passenger vehicles but while benefit to longer heavier vehicles while much more useful, is uncommon . The extra cost may not be particularly problematic when the components are duplicated.
The chassis sk8board lends itself to so many on and off road or yard applications and that could includes scalable xtra short or extended wheelbase versions. forklifts to self powered trailers come in many configurations where a common platform and components within the class duty rating would be a game changer.
Having common components for front and rear axles means that two wheel drive versions and why not six ? is within reach.

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