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Workhorse Group has formed a strategic partnership with 40-year automotive industry veteran Prefix Corporation for the final design, development and production of the Workhorse NGEN series all-electric delivery van. This partnership signals a key step in moving forward following Workhorse’s change of leadership in February 2019.

The two companies are now focused on building an underlying platform to support 1,200 ft3, 1,000 ft3 and a 650 ft3 capacity delivery vans. To streamline cost and increase production efficiency, all sizes will share a common cab and chassis configuration.

The new delivery vans will be built on a low-floor chassis platform developed by Workhorse while Prefix will develop, build, and supply the 100% composite cab and body. Production is scheduled to begin in Workhorse’s Union City, IN plant in the third quarter of 2019 with deliveries beginning soon after.

Workhorse and Prefix have historically collaborated on real-world testing of several Workhorse prototypes, including previous N-GEN 450 delivery vehicles that were used in San Francisco, CA and Fairfield, OH. The proven-performance demonstrated by these test vehicles will inform the production of these new vehicles, incorporating features such as light-weighting the vehicle to improve mileage, performance, driver safety and reducing the burden of infrastructure requirements.

This strategic partnership provides Workhorse with a proven partner that will allow us to remain on schedule to fulfill existing orders we have from our key customers like UPS and DHL. Through our previous partnerships with Prefix, we’ve already worked closely together and witnessed the quality of their work firsthand. With this new formal partnership in place, we’ll be able to expedite production, and completion, of the industry’s most innovative electric delivery van.

—Workhorse CEO Duane Hughes


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