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Eaton to introduce new technologies for China’s growing electric vehicle market

Power management company Eaton today will introduce technologies from its eMobility business in China to help automakers meet increased demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in the market. eMobility specializes in three key areas for electric and hybrid vehicles: intelligent power electronics; power systems; and advanced power distribution and circuit protection.

More than 60% of the world’s EVs are sold in China, and sales in the region are expected to increase as automakers strive to reduce emissions to meet China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology New Energy Vehicle (NEV) mandate. The NEV mandate is designed to promote NEVs and help auto makers comply with existing fuel economy regulations.

To support electric vehicle manufacturers in China, Eaton has production in-country and has expansion plans underway.

Eaton has been a trusted supplier of electrification products to vehicle manufacturers in China and around the globe for years, including DC/DC converters, power distribution units (PDUs), hybrid and battery-electric transmissions and high-voltage fuses, with plans to expand the portfolio of technologies even further.

Eaton’s eMobility business was formed in 2018 by combining products, expertise and global manufacturing capabilities from Eaton’s Electrical and Vehicle businesses to further strengthen its global capabilities and deliver intelligent electrification products and solutions to passenger car, commercial vehicle and off-highway customers.

Eaton projects electrified vehicles will increase to 38% of the global passenger car market by 2030, with share dispersed among battery electric, plug-in hybrid, hybrid electric and mild hybrid electric. Eaton’s inverters can be used in all types of electric vehicles, as well as other alternative fuel vehicles, such as hydrogen fuel cell cars and trucks.

Eaton has high-voltage, fast-acting fuses in a number of global electrified cars and power electronics on a leading European battery-electric vehicle platform. Eaton also has more than 15 years of experience in developing commercial vehicle hybrid systems and has a number of vehicle electrification products in the market, including DC/DC converters, power distribution units, battery-electric transmissions, and high-voltage fuses.



Wise to move where the greatest vehicle market will be?


If all EVs & associated batteries planned to be built in China are realized, 20 to 30 million EVs/year may be produced (in China) by 2030 or shortly thereafter.

Can China continue to produce 60+% of the world electrified vehicles for the next 10 years? Will EU and USA catch up? Will India become the next (number two) leader in REs, batteries and EVs?

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