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Buick has launched the VELITE 6 MAV electric vehicle in China. As Buick’s first global all-electric vehicle and SAIC-GM’s first electric vehicle for the mass market, the VELITE 6 MAV (which stands for Multi-Activity Vehicle) integrates GM and SAIC’s resources and advanced technology in new energy and connected vehicles. It represents the latest application of the Buick Blue strategy.

Buick VELITE 6 electric vehicle

The VELITE 6 is based on the VELITE concept new energy vehicle unveiled in November 2016. With a length of 4,650 mm, width of 1,817 mm, height of 1,510 mm and wheelbase of 2,660 mm, it provides a roomy interior with 1,098 liters of space.

Its new-generation pure electric drive system generates a maximum 85 kW of power and 255 N·m of torque. The VELITE 6 has a combined electric driving range of 301 km (187 miles) in the city, and electricity consumption of 13.3 kWh/100 km.

The VELITE 6 is available in three variants at a price between RMB 165,800 and RMB 185,800 (US$24,800 - $27,800) after national subsidies for new energy vehicles.

Following the earlier introduction of the LaCrosse hybrid electric vehicle and Volt-based VELITE 5 extended-range electric vehicle (earlier post), the VELITE 6 will enable Buick to cater to the rapidly growing demand for new energy vehicles.

In addition, Buick announced the start of its strategic cooperation with the EVCARD car-sharing brand to jointly explore the electric vehicle sharing market in China. The first 5,000 VELITE 6 vehicles will be put into operation by EVCARD starting on April 28.

Last year, Buick unveiled the Enspire battery-electric concept SUV in China. (Earlier post.) The Enspire is able to travel up to 370 miles (595 km) on a single charge, and supports both fast and wireless charging. The battery can be charged to 80 percent of capacity within 40 minutes.



Interesting e-Buick evolution in China? Will those units be exported to North America?


this Velite 6 will be a China-only model...


China and Europe are setting up for great futures in clean energy while we in the U.S. are stuck with a President and Republican politicians who are working hard to actually stifle innovation.

What I don't understand is why Japan is so far behind; except for Nissan, the Japanese seem to be following the U.S. leadership of maintaining the status quo and selling fossil fuel cars.


Japan has done what the U.S. wants for many decades.
There are lots of reasons for this, but the facts remain.


Both GM and Ford have announced major future electric vehicle projects. GM just announced a 300 million $ addition to their Orion, MI plant and will be building an updated version of the Bolt and another vehicle based on the updated Bolt technology. I assume that these will be 2020 vehicles and GM is supposed to have something like 8 new electric vehicles for the US market by 2022. The future is clearly battery electric.

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