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BYD delivers electric refuse truck to Carson, CA

BYD recently delivered a BYD 8R Class 8 Automated Side Loader (ASL) battery-electric collection truck to Waste Resources to serve its customers in the City of Carson, California.


This vehicle is the first all-electric refuse truck in residential collection operation in Southern California. The heavy-duty truck features BYD’s propriety electric propulsion system designed specifically for refuse collection.

Waste Resources’ new truck features cab, chassis and propulsion system built by BYD and an ASL body built by Amrep, a Wastequip company.

In addition to the first BYD 8R recently delivered to Waste Resources, the company has placed orders for an additional 3 units including another 8R Class 8 and two 6R Class 6 Electric Refuse Trucks.

BYD is the leader in commercial electric truck deployment in the US.



A hand to BYD for the mass production of e-buses (probably the largest world producer), e-trucks, e-taxis, e-cars, e-VUS and e-Refuse Trucks etc.


If these are quieter, that is a good thing.

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