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DOE to award $24M for study of dark matter

The US Department of Energy (DOE) will provide $24 million for the development of new projects to study dark matter. (DE-FOA-0002112)

Projects will be designed to take advantage of important recent advances in theory and technology that may help better understand dark matter, which has never been detected but is thought to account for as much as five times the mass of ordinary matter in the universe.

Projects will be able to take advantage of facilities and technologies developed with DOE support at national laboratories, universities, and elsewhere. Projects can be expected to make use of national laboratory particle accelerators, new detection technologies, and various underground and deep underground facilities, among other capabilities.

The aim of the current initiative is to produce detailed project designs, which may then be selected for subsequent funding for implementation.

The Department anticipates that up to $3 million will be available for this program in Fiscal Year 2019. A total of $24 million in funding is anticipated over the possible four-year award period, with outyear funding contingent on congressional appropriations.


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