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Dana expands TM4 SUMO electric powertrain offerings into commercial-vehicle, light-duty platforms

Dana Incorporated launched its newest direct-drive electric powertrain, the TM4 SUMO LD. The motor-inverter combination is designed for Class 2 through Class 6 vehicles. The new offering extends the comprehensive TM4 SUMO lineup, which is powering more than 12,000 electrified vehicles today.


Designed primarily for today’s direct-drive architectures, the TM4 SUMO LD will also provide a modular solution for future transitions to widespread e-Axle platforms. When integrated with one of Dana’s numerous electrified axle solutions, the TM4 SUMO LD can be configured for light-commercial, minibus, and medium-duty truck and bus, as well as heavy-duty Class 8 hybrid vehicles.

The TM4 SUMO direct-drive electric powertrain offering is a globally adopted, road-proven, highly efficient solution utilized in thousands of electrified vehicles, which is a key differentiator setting us apart from other electrodynamic solutions.

The SUMO LD series has been engineered into multiple Spicer Electrified products and is able to be adapted to the architecture requirements of our customers, from direct-drive solutions to fully integrated e-Axle designs.

—Christophe Dominiak, chief technology officer for Dana

With three available models, the TM4 SUMO LD offers up to 250 kW of peak power and 1200 N·m of torque. Its new winding technology, combined with an innovative internal permanent magnet (IPM) rotor design, yields a 10% decrease in magnets and creates a more lightweight and compact solution to fit smaller vehicle envelopes.

The SUMO LD is matched with the industry-proven three-phase CO150 inverter, already used in thousands of vehicles worldwide.

The TM4 SUMO systems can be optimized to offer the best driveline efficiencies to different vehicle platforms based on selected duty cycles.

TM4 is a joint venture of Dana Incorporated and Hydro-Québec. The company designs and manufactures electric motors, generators, power electronics, and control systems suitable for the commercial, automotive, marine, mining, rail, motorsports, and recreational vehicle markets.



TM4 has done some impressive designs.


TM4 and DANA is a good combo for many EVs. The made in China mass produced units will certainly be very competitive.


Tesla has improved their electric motors and are enjoying a 10% improvement in performance across their product line while also reducing the size. Additionally, they are improving the performance and size of their power electronic assembles, i.e., inverters and chargers, etc. by using silicon carbide.

Now that the U.S. OEMs have decided to modernize their products; they are only starting out 15 years behind Tesla. It's good they have free use of Tesla's patents.


Tesla uses a PM synchronous reluctance motor in the Model 3.

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