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Lightning Systems introduced a longer-range, higher-speed, Generation 2 model of its Lightning Electric system for the Ford Transit. (Earlier post.) The Lightning Electric Ford Transit is a battery-electric drivetrain package for the Ford Transit 350HD, a product used extensively by commercial and government fleets.

All-Electric Generation 2 Ford Transit by Lightning Systems

With new thermally-managed NMC battery chemistry, the new Generation 2 all-electric powertrain has 20% longer range than Gen 1, with battery configuration options for 60 or 120-mile ranges (based on certified Dynamometer testing). Battery pack capacity for the two options is 43 kWh and 86 kWh, respectively.

In addition, these new batteries are all housed under the floor of the vehicle, with no impact on ground clearance, creating a more elegant and seamless integration.

The latest powertrain offers peak power of 160 kW (equivalent 215 horsepower), a torque rating of 994 N·m, (733 lb-ft), and a top speed of 65 mph (software limited). The full-electric system is available for the Ford Transit Passenger van, Cargo van, Cutaway and Chassis Cab models.

The Gen 2 product achieves 61 MPGe on certified dyno testing, compared to 13 MPG for the gasoline version of the same vehicle.

Featuring a liquid-cooled Li-ion battery system from a volume-ready world-class battery supplier, the Lightning Electric accommodates a full charge in 1 hour (60-mile range) or 1.5 hours (120-mile range) with Lightning’s DC fast charging option (using standard CCS-Combo charging).

Depending on battery option and drive cycle, Lightning Electric Ford Transit has a payload capacity of up to 4,200 pounds.

Our Generation 1 customers loved the smooth and quiet ride, excellent power, and fit and finish of our Gen 1 Ford Transit all-electric platform. We now have built on that foundation and added more range, moved all the batteries under the vehicle, and given it a higher top speed. With the latest certified dynamometer testing, we remain the leaders in tested and certified commercial EV efficiency—no other Class 3 vehicle has certified to 61 MPGe (1.8 Miles/kWh).

—Tim Reeser, CEO, Lightning Systems

Originally introduced in 2018, the Lightning Electric Ford Transit Powertrain is available as part of Ford Motor Company’s eQVM (Advanced Fuel Qualified Vehicle Modifiers) program. The product is available on heavy-duty Transits with a 10,360-pound gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). Installation and service are performed by Ford QVM-certified upfitters and dealers around the world.


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