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Nouryon signs deal with SulNOx for additives for the fuels market

Nouryon (formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals) will expand its offerings to customers in the fuels market through an exclusive global licensing agreement with SulNOx Group, a hydrocarbon fuel emulsification and additive specialist.

Under the agreement, Nouryon will introduce two new additives, Berol 6446 and Berol 6430, that help improve the combustion efficiency of diesel and lower-viscosity heavy fuel oil (HFO) for transportation and power generation.

Our main focus in the market is helping customers formulate fuels and lubricants that meet next-generation legislation and OEM requirements. By forming strategic partnerships and working collaboratively we’re able to deliver on this even faster.

—AB Ghosh, Managing Director Surface Chemistry at Nouryon


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