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Clarios, formerly Johnson Controls Power Solutions, launches as a new entity and world leader in advanced energy storage solutions. Clarios was acquired by Brookfield Business Partners and operates as a global energy storage business generating $8 billion in revenues with more than 16,000 employees, 56 facilities worldwide and 130 years of expertise.

Clarios’ product portfolio includes absorbent glass mat batteries (AGM); low-voltage Li-ion batteries; enhanced flooded batteries; and standard lead-acid batteries. Its brands include Varta, Optima, LTH, Heliar, Delkor and Baterías Mac.

Clarios will build on its leading position in vehicle battery technologies—producing one-third of the automotive industry’s total output per year—while more aggressively exploring ways to meet the fast-growing energy storage needs of tomorrow.

As a global leader with a product used in virtually every vehicle from conventional to fully electric, we are well positioned to capitalize on market trends, including a move toward more electrified and autonomous vehicles which are elevating the critical role of the battery and accelerating the need for more advanced batteries. Under Brookfield’s ownership, we can better capitalize on these growing trends and operate with more focus and efficiency.

—Joe Walicki, president, Clarios

Clarios will build on decades of leadership in the circular economy where it designs, builds, recovers and recycles batteries to help create a more efficient and sustainable approach to energy storage. Clarios batteries are designed and made so up to 99% of the materials can be recovered and reused in the new batteries it makes. Through innovative collaboration with the company’s customers and partners, Clarios has pioneered a closed-loop collection system that is a model for the circular economy that it continues to share across the globe.

The company will maintain its current global manufacturing and operations footprint, including its corporate headquarters in Glendale, Wisconsin.



Good news for future recyclable storage batteries for future electrified vehicles and fixed storage units.

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