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Agility Fuel Solutions, a leading global provider of clean fuel solutions for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, introduced two new compressed natural gas (CNG) products at the UK Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham: a 6x2 CNG tractor, and a trailer-mounted CNG fuel storage system.

Agility, in collaboration with renewable biomethane fuel provider CNG Fuels, has developed an extended range 6x2 CNG tractor. The tractor is an extended-wheelbase 4x2 CNG tractor with an added mini-midlift axle and two lightweight Agility ProRail 30 rail-mounted fuel storage systems.

The tractor has a total CNG fuel capacity of 168 kg at 250 bar service pressure, enough to provide approximately 350 miles (560 km) of driving range.

This is the first CNG truck offered in the UK capable of 44-tonne operations, making CNG a viable option for a larger portion of the UK truck market.

In addition, Agility has introduced a trailer-mounted CNG fuel storage system which can add up to 700 additional miles (1,120 km) of driving range. The trailer-mounted system has five CNG cylinders, plumbing, a durable and vibration-resistant structure, and integrated fire protection. The system mounts to the underside of the trailer, and connects to the CNG tractor with a breakaway hose.

In combination with a CNG tractor this allows a vehicle to comfortably cover any potential driving range in the UK.


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