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City of Sacramento and EVgo open first curbside high-powered charging plaza for EVs in California

The City of Sacramento and EVgo opened California’s first curbside high-powered charging plaza for electric vehicles at Southside Park.

The Southside Park location features six curbside chargers, including three 50-kilowatt DC fast-chargers capable of delivering up to 90 miles of range in 30 minutes; and three 150-kilowatt DC fast-chargers capable of delivering up to 150 miles of range in 30 minutes.

In June 2017, under Sacramento’s Demonstration Partnerships Policy (Resolution 2017-0150), the City entered into an agreement with EVgo to construct and operate the City’s first curbside EV charging partnership in order to test, evaluate, and demonstrate the feasibility of curbside EV charging. These chargers represent a new generation of technology that can provide up to 150-mile range in as few as 20 to 30 minutes and will be available as a paid service for EV drivers.

EVgo has already built more than 550 fast chargers across the state of California and is building more than 130 new, conveniently located fast chargers across California to deliver reliable and affordable fast charging to EV drivers across the state. We’re proud to partner with the City of Sacramento on this innovative project, which will provide the first curbside high-power EV fast charging service in the state.

—Julie Blunden, Executive Vice President of Business Development at EVgo



A mix of over 150 curbside slow and fast chargers were installed in Montreal QC during the last 24 months. Public parking is restricted to electrified vehicles where those chargers + parking meters are installed (normally on commercial streets without paid parking hours restrictions)

The slow charging units are combined with normal parking meter charges.

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