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In March 2019, 9.76 GWh of passenger EV battery capacity was deployed globally, an increase of 94% year-over-year according to Adamas Intelligence’s “EV Battery Capacity Monthly”.

Adamas said that this increase in battery capacity deployed is especially remarkable when considering that global EV sales increased by a mere 25% over the same period—speaking to the fact that a far greater number of high-capacity BEVs (such as the Tesla Model 3) were sold this March than the last.

In reflection of this trend, the sales-weighted average passenger EV battery capacity deployed in March 2019 was 55% higher than the sales-weighted average EV battery capacity deployed the same month the year prior.

Adamas also noted that in March 2019, total passenger EV battery capacity (in MWh) deployed globally with CATL cells was 553% higher than the same month the year prior. I.e., CATL outperformed the market with its 94% increase by a factor of almost five.

In March 2019, CATL was responsible for 13% of all passenger EV battery capacity deployed globally, slightly less than compatriot BYD, and less than half the market share of Panasonic.

The Adamas ‘EV Battery Capacity Monthly’ is a monthly management-style report for tracking deployment of passenger EV battery capacity by EV type, region, country, make, model, cell supplier and cell chemistry.



Turns out that CATL is Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd.

It's a Chinese outfit.


With a +553% YoY growth rate, CATL will lead the world EV battery market within 2 to 3 years unless Panasonic builds more factories?

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