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Voltabox to supply Li-ion batteries for the automotive sector, starting with a fully electric van

Germany-based Voltabox AG, a provider of lithium-ion battery systems primarily used in buses for public transportation, forklifts, automated guided vehicles and mining vehicles, is expanding its customer base. The company has recently accelerated pilot projects in the automotive sector, some of which will be transferred to series production in the course of the current fiscal year.

The first project for the automotive market is with the specialized vehicle manufacturer Ladog for which Voltabox is currently developing a Li-ion battery for a multifunctional community vehicle similar to the StreetScooter. The Ladog vehicle’s high-voltage battery system has a voltage of 400 V, a capacity of 40 kWh and is built with cylindrical cells. The first batteries are scheduled to be delivered in the fourth quarter.

In the current fiscal year, Voltabox is increasingly benefiting from its recently optimized battery module kit for intralogistics systems. A new customer in this market segment is A&A, a manufacturer of tailor-made intelligent vehicles and vehicle systems for internal material handling.

The Northern German company uses Voltabox’s 24V lithium-ion solutions with a capacity of 6.1 kWh. The first series has already been delivered. Completion of the second series of more than 40 systems is scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.

Another example from this market segment is Hafen und Industrietechnik GmbH (HIT). With its flexibly scalable systems, Voltabox was quickly able to develop a battery for HIT’s move-e-star low-floor transport vehicle. This is used to transport containers and is particularly good at transporting heavy loads in tight spaces and aisles. As of the current quarter, Voltabox will deliver 30 systems in two different variants: 48 V and 72 V with 6.1 kWh respectively 37 kWh.

Voltabox has production sites at its headquarters in Delbrück, Germany, in Cedar Park (Austin, Texas), and in Kunshan, China, as well as development sites in Aachen and Korntal-Münchingen, Germany.


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