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Silicon Mobility announces OLEA APP INVERTER HE high-efficiency inverter and motor controller

France-based Silicon Mobility announced the availability of OLEA APP INVERTER HE—a high efficiency inverter and electric motor control application. The new inverter is optimized for the OLEA FPCU (Field Programmable Control Unit) which increases the range of hybrid and electric vehicles up to 20% with the same battery capacity.

The OLEA FPCU is an automotive semiconductor solution designed to process critical information faster with 100% predictability and accuracy. The OLEA APP INVERTER HE is a complete suite of software components which includes:

  • Inverter Application and Safety software components (ASW)
  • Inverter Complex Device Drivers (CDD)
  • Basic Software components (BSW)

The OLEA APP INVERTER HE is the first addition to the OLEA APP High Efficiency application software products portfolio. The portfolio products are specifically designed to be executed on the OLEA FPCU semiconductor platform from Silicon Mobility.

OLEA APP increases range and performance of EVs and HEVs while reducing energy consumption and pollutant emission. OLEA APP runs on OLEA FPCU and includes rich libraries of advanced control algorithms dedicated to electrified powertrain.

OLEA APP INVERTER HE integrates novel adaptive control algorithms which apply the most suitable control strategy upon requested power, motor angle, and speed.

OLEA APP INVERTER HE controls the inverter and e-Motor cutting energy losses into the power switches and into the electric motor while extending the operating range of the e-Motor.

Simulations on a WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures) cycle demonstrate an energy gain of 20% when compared to incumbent multi-core microcontroller-based applications.

An immediate and effective way to increase electric vehicles range is to use a better and smarter solution to control the electric powertrain. This is exactly what we offer with OLEA APP INVERTER HE running on OLEA FPCU. Our technology is applicable for every electric and hybrid vehicle. With OLEA APP INVERTER HE, our customers will achieve their goal to build the most energy efficient vehicle.

—Bruno Paucard, CEO of Silicon Mobility

The OLEA APP INVERTER HE comes as an AUTOSAR 4.3 software package including the inverter Application Software components (ASW) and the inverter Complex Device Drivers (CDD). The OLEA APP INVERTER HE offers a high level of adaptability to match a wide range of inverter and electric motor topologies.



It would be amazing if new inverters & Aps could extend EVs range by 20% in real world driving with same batteries?


Combine this motor control efficiency increase with the recent innovative motor from Tesla, which claims a 10% increase in range, and the component still yet to be developed remains the battery...now's the time for that honest battery breakthru everyone anticipates.

Tim Duncan

This sounds great, is it real? I got no clue from this article how this could actually be accomplished. It computes critical information faster thus 20% more efficiency???


"Simulations on a WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedures) cycle demonstrate an energy gain of 20% when compared to incumbent multi-core microcontroller-based applications."
Keyword: Simulations.
1st paragraph: "up to 20%"
It sounds too good to be true. There may be certain cases where it is a major improvement, but I doubt it is an across the board 20% improvement.
Wait till it is tested by 3rd parties in real vehicles in real conditions.

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