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GlobalData: Nigeria will dominate crude production from greenfield projects in sub-Saharan Africa over next 6 years

Nigeria will contribute 46% of sub-Saharan Africa’s total crude production from planned and announced projects (greenfield projects) in 2025, according to GlobalData.

The company’s report: ‘H1 2019 Production and Capital Expenditure Outlook for Key Planned Upstream Projects in Sub-Saharan Africa – Nigeria Dominates Crude Production and Capex Outlook’ finds that besides crude production, Nigeria will also contribute 25% of sub-Saharan Africa’s total natural gas production from planned and announced projects in 2025.

Nigeria leads sub-Saharan Africa with crude and condensate production of 1,046,940 barrels per day (bpd) in 2025. Angola follows Nigeria with production of 422,652 bpd in 2025. Nigeria and Angola together will contribute around 65% of total crude production in 2025. Uganda, Congo Republic and Chad are the next biggest contributors, with around 15% of sub-Saharan Africa’s total crude and condensate production from planned and announced projects.


In sub-Saharan Africa, a total of 70 crude and natural gas projects are expected to start operations during 2019–2025. Among these, 18 represent the number of planned projects with identified development plans and 52 represent the number of early-stage announced projects that are undergoing conceptual studies and that are expected to get approved for development.

In terms of number of planned oil and gas projects, Nigeria also leads among countries with eight projects, followed by Mozambique and Chad with two projects each. In terms of announced projects, Nigeria once again leads with 21 projects, followed by Angola with seven projects.



Will the revenues from 25,000,000 bpd by 2025 be used to benefit the 800,000,000 + people in South of the Sahara Africa?

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