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Knud Hansen designs Wallenius-SOL ice-classed LNG Mega RoRos

Knud E. Hansen has designed the first generation of LNG-powered ultra-large RoRo vessels for the newly-established Swedish company Wallenius-SOL. Up to four vessels have been ordered at Yantai CIMC Raffles Offshore Ltd., China, for which Knud E. Hansen will provide the engineering package for the construction and approval by classification and flag state authorities.


This is the 4th series of ultra-large RoRo vessels designed by Knud E. Hansen Since 2016, resulting in more than 20 of these vessels being built in the coming years.

During the design development Knud E. Hansen has worked closely with Wallenius-SOL in order to optimize the design for the unique design criteria and operational requirements of Wallenius-SOL.

The 1A Super ice-classed vessels will have a length of about 242 m and a deadweight capacity of about 27,000 t—making them largest in the class—with a resulting capacity of 5,800 lane meters (lm). The vessels will be the first Mega RoRo vessels in the world powered by LNG-fueled engines, thus reducing its total emissions and carbon footprint.

During port calls the vessels will run on green electricity from shore connections or LNG. Together with other environmentally friendly initiatives the vessels will not only be among the largest in the world, they will also be among the industry leaders of green RoRo vessels.



in about 15 year, there won't be a need for ice-classed ships

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