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Panasonic working with with Tropos Motors to advance electric compact utility vehicles

Panasonic will partner with Tropos Motors to advance hyper-efficient electric compact utility vehicles—the second largest class of fleet vehicles.

Tropos Motors ABLE XR


Low-speed electric compact utility vehicles (eCUV) offers benefits to the fleet owner including lower cost of purchase with a reduced cost of operation and maintenance, which equates to a quicker return on investment. Tropos Motors’ eCUV, The ABLE, offers versatility combined with superior payload and towing capabilities with a significantly reduced environmental footprint.

Panasonic is working together with Tropos Motors to address the needs of businesses that depend on small commercial vehicles with the right mix of technologies and electrification solutions that also add societal value by providing cleaner alternatives. If you can have a vehicle that has all of the capabilities of a larger truck, but in a smaller package, that is what makes it more appropriate for the job. It is not about down-sizing. It is about right-sizing.

—Scott Morrison, director of advanced engineering at Panasonic Automotive

Tropos Motors fleet of vehicles

Tropos Motors offers a diverse portfolio of electric utility trucks with its ABLE platform. Models are designed for utility and versatility while keeping environmental concerns and safety at the forefront. Tropos ABLE vehicles vary in applications, ranging from emergency services to facilities, agriculture, and last-mile cargo delivery.


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