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Renault offering new Blue dCi 150 EDC diesel engine for entire Mégane range

Renault has equipped its Mégane range with a new 1.7 Blue dCi 150 diesel engine paired with a dual-clutch automatic gearbox. In addition to the Blue dCi 95 and Blue dCi 115 engines, this new engine offers driving pleasure right from low engine speeds and quick starts.

It provides maximum torque of 340 N·m from 1750 rpm available over a broader operating range. As well as its driving pleasure, the Blue dCi engine also works smoothly with its automatic 6-speed EDC gearbox.

With the Blue dCi engine unit and an SCR nitrogen oxide post-treatment system, CO2 consumption and emissions are kept under control: 4.7 liters/100 km (50 mpg US) in the WLTP combined cycle for Mégane Blue dCi 150, paired with an EDC automatic gearbox.



Will this be one of the last diesels?

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