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Proterra and Michelin are collaborating to develop the MICHELIN X InCity Energy Z tire, a new low rolling resistance tire designed and optimized for battery-electric buses in urban environments. The X InCity Energy Z tires help to reduce rolling resistance, increase load-carry capacity and leverage superior traction, resulting in increased vehicle range and improved performance of electric buses.

The X InCity Energy Z tire incorporates Michelin Advanced Technology tread compounds designed to provide industry-leading low rolling resistance technology in the tire, contributing to the maximum operational range between charges for Proterra buses.

Low rolling resistance technology was instrumental in enabling the Proterra Catalyst E2 max vehicle to exceed the world record for driving the longest distance ever traveled by an electric vehicle on a single charge.

In addition to enabling greater range, the X InCity Energy Z tire is designed to withstand tough urban transit conditions and has a robust bead architecture to ensure durability in demanding stop/start service. The tire uses innovative 3D Matrix sipe technologies to provide biting edges for traction in wet and slippery conditions.

With this technology, the X InCity Energy Z is optimized for all-season weather and driving conditions, and is certified 3PMSF (“three-peak mountain snowflake”) and M+S (“mud and snow”), which meets the US Tire Manufacturers Association snow-traction performance requirements and the Tire and Rubber Association of Canada requirements for severe snow traction.


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