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California’s 40th retail hydrogen station opens

The Sacramento, California hydrogen station is open. It is the 40th retail hydrogen station in California and the third to open in the greater Sacramento area.

The station, developed by Shell, will be open 24 hours a day and is located at 3510 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95864.

Reflecting the ongoing evolution of hydrogen stations across California and the growing number of fuel cell electric cars (more than 6,500), the station is one of a few that has two fueling positions (i.e., two nozzles) at H70.

With two nozzles at H70, two cars will be able to fuel simultaneously and increase the number of vehicles served in a shorter time.

The Sacramento station joins the Citrus Heights and West Sacramento stations to support fuel cell electric car drivers in the area.



40 stations in all of California.

16 months ago there were over 15,000 EV charging stations in California.  There are certainly more today.


H2 stations have a lot of catching up to do but, since H2 refills are 20X to 30X faster than for EVs and FCEVs have inherently longer range and less frequent refills than the average BEVs, a lot less (50 to 150 times less) H2 stations will be required.

Secondly, main H2 stations, with large production facilities, could feed 10+ neighboring H2 distribution stations, with one or two large H2 delivery trucks to increase availability at lower cost.


Alternatively, the H2 trailer could serve as H2 local storage unit, at most distribution station, to further reduce initial and ongoing cost and while more permanent facilities are installed.

H2 refills are 20X to 30X faster than for EVs and FCEVs have inherently longer range and less frequent refills than the average BEVs, a lot less (50 to 150 times less) H2 stations will be required.

Most EV/PHEV charging is already done at home.  Any convenient wall outlet is a Level 1 charging station.  California already has millions of "charging stations"; hypedrogen can never catch up.

The whole hypedrogen push is to keep the oil companies relevant by forcing vehicles into the fuel production/filling station model.  Plug-in vehicles break that model and destroy the economic rents that the oil companies receive from it.  We should be planning to kill the oil companies, not feed them.


Multiply REs, multiply efficient Electrolysers to produce more clean H2 from excess energy from local and national REs, extend clean H2 distribution and storage systems, multiply FCEVs and CHPs and you could progressively squeeze CPPs, NGPPs, ICEVs and coal-Oil-NG companies and NPPs out of the market.

Norway, Denmark and Sweden may be the first industrialized countries to reach a major part of the change by 2030-2040 and may be followed by Japan, So-Korea, China and a few more EU countries by 2040-2050?

USA and Canada may follow by 2100-2150 or so.


By the way, it seems that New York City may buy 2,000+ megawatt of clean RE (Hydro/Wind) energy from Québec Hydro as soon as the North/South underground (Champlain/Hudson) power lines are built.

The revenues from that sale, will be used to build many more high power wind turbines and Hydro plants to produce more clean REs for Eastern USA States and future local uses and for Ontario to replace some of their older CANDU NPPs whenever Ontario becomes interested enough.

A Q-H certified firm will build and install 100+ curb side charging stations for NYC.


And once again AlzHarvey the broken record posts off-topic, then comes back to the same thread and posts more Greenie boilerplate.

Senile, or paid by the word for propaganda?


Added clean H2 stations require clean REs to fully contribute to lower pollution and GHGs vehicles.

We are pleased to supply NYC and neighbouring Eastern USA States with low cost 24/7 REs to operate their electrolysers and H2 stations.


Ye gods, AlzHarvey.  You are called on redundant propaganda posting in this very thread, and you do MORE of it!  It is LONG past time for you to be banned from this blog.


SAEP....I strongly support our new provincial government program to reduce the use of bio and fossil fuels by -40% by 2030 by increasing the use of our local REs, mainly Hydro and Wind. I support the programme to progressively replaced current ICEVs, diesel buses, trucks, locomotives with locally built electrified units (using batteries and FCs). I strongly support the production of clean H2 with improved electrolysers using local low cost REs.

I would also support programs to locally build improved batteries, FCs, electrolysers and H2 storage units, heat pumps etc and to progressively stop all direct and indirect subsidies to ICEVs builders, pipelines, tar sands operation, refineries and similar polluting industries.

I would also support programs to covert cement factories from highly polluting fossil fuels to clean REs. To upgrade existing aluminum factories to be 80% more efficient. To convert schools, hospitals, office buildings, factories, green houses etc from fossil fuel to electric heating. Why transport the fruits and vegetables required all the way from Chile, Mexico and USA while it could be grown in local green houses using local low cost ($0.03CAN/kWh) REs?

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