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ŠKODA introduces PHEV version of flagship along with first battery-electric production model

Gen 6 Opel Corsa gets battery-electric version

With the all-new, sixth generation Corsa, Opel is offering for the first time a battery-electric version of the bestseller with a range of 330 kilometers (WLTP, provisional figure) (205 miles): the Corsa-e.


Opel chose the brand’s most popular model to bring electric mobility out of its niche-existence. More than 13.6 million units of the Corsa have been produced since the world premiere in 1982. The order books for the sixth-generation Corsa will open in a few weeks, beginning with the Corsa-e, followed by the diesel and gasoline versions.


The 50 kWh battery can be fast-charged to 80% of its capacity in 30 minutes. The Corsa-e is prepared for multiple charging options—via cable, wallbox or high-speed charging—and the battery is covered by an eight-year warranty. The state-of-charge can be checked with the “myOpel” app, so that charging times and costs can be optimized at all times.

The driver can choose from three driving modes: Normal, Eco and Sport. Sport increases responsiveness and driving dynamics, with a moderate loss of driving range. In Eco mode the Corsa-e increases the range.

The 100kW (136hp) power output and a maximum 260 N·m of torque produce a 0-50 km/h time of 2.8 seconds and a 0-100km/h time of 8.1 seconds.



Wise move by Skoda/VW to match PHEVs/BEVs produced in Asia/China?


Opel is in PSA group (Peugeot, Citroen), nothing to do with VW.

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