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Cummins Inc. and Isuzu Motors Limited took another step forward in their partnership by entering into the Isuzu Cummins Powertrain Partnership agreement. The agreement formalizes a business structure for the two companies to evaluate and carry out opportunities jointly to develop and to bring new diesel and diesel-based powertrains to global markets.

Cummins and Isuzu committed to form an alliance board and to assign a team of dedicated individuals from each company to continue exploration of potential opportunities in product technology development, procurement and manufacturing.

Isuzu and Cummins recognize the advanced diesel engine is, and will continue to be, an important power choice for global customers in commercial vehicle and industrial applications. This is especially true in developed countries where power sources are used for high-intensity operations, as well as in emerging countries where social infrastructure conditions are severe.

—Masanori Katayama, President and Representative Director – Isuzu Motors Limited

Both companies continue to innovate and advance the diesel engine in terms of power, quality, emissions and fuel efficiency and expect diesel to remain a primary power solution in many markets.


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