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Toshiba showcasing hybrid-diesel-battery locomotive demonstrator

Kiel-Toshiba Railway Europe GmbH (TRG), a wholly owned subsidiary of Toshiba Infrastructure Systems and Solution (TISS), Toshiba Group’s core group in the infrastructure business, will showcase Toshiba’s modular diesel electric hybrid locomotives at Transport Logistic 2019 this week.


Furthermore, TRG will showcase its Toshiba HDB 800 locomotive demonstrator in pantograph version—Toshiba’s first European hybrid shunting and short line locomotive.

Key features of TRG’s modular diesel electric hybrid locomotive are:

  • Series hybrid system consisting of two diesel engines and the re-chargeable lithium-ion battery system SCiB;

  • High-efficiency Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM);

  • Ergonomically improved driver’s cab; and

  • Catenary operation via pantograph (optional).

Toshiba’s SCiB battery system and the high-efficient PMSM are the main drivers of the energy consumption reduction of this modular diesel electric hybrid locomotive.

SCiB is the first and the only rechargeable lithium-ion battery to be recognized as compliant with the highest safety integrity level (SIL4, probability of failure per hour (PFH) of less than 1x10-8) of the European Norm 50126 standards (RAMS) for rolling stock.

The demand for new environment-friendly technologies in rail freight transport is increasing. We are delighted to present our latest hybrid shunting locomotive jointly developed by European and Japanese engineering talents.

—Sei Shigeoka, Chairman Managing Director of TRG

Toshiba is aiming to further contribute to a sustainable future by proactively developing hybrid locomotives that realize efficient use of energy, enhance the operational availability and maintainability, and reduce emissions.



It's the Green Goat, only more so.


Au contraire E-P

Shunting locos have huge dirty noisy engines idling most of the time.
Might be idle 90% of the time and use 300L of diesel a day idling.

So making them hybrid is not only sensible in a green sense but even more so in
economic terms. Has a very quick payback.
Technical issue is to get the batteries to live with the high G forces from the shunts.

Makes much more sense to try and do this than subsidise some dude in a Tesla.
And no, hybridising shunting locos wont save the world. But it wont hurt either.


SVW, did you even read the link?


E-P you will have to be more explicit.
What is your issue, is that they have batteries?
They they will save Nox, soot & noise emissions?
That this not a good thing?


SVW, do you think the Green Goat does not have almost all of the same positive attributes as this SCiB-based switcher?  The only thing missing is the pantograph option.


I thought the Green Goat was some code for one of your pet hates re Green initiates.
I see now it is a hybrid locomotive. For some reason 'the link' is not a different colour on my crappy screen.
Mr Google made it all clear finally.
Clearly Green Goat well ahead of the curve. If memory serves well at one stage
GE offered a hybrid too, with their molten salt batteries.


Wondered where Toshiba's been.


The on board diesel engine (s) could be replaced with FCs for much cleaner (green) operations?

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