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Ottopia collaborating with DENSO on teleoperation platform

Ottopia, a technology company enabling remote vehicle operation, announced a collaboration with DENSO Corporation. Ottopia also announced the launch of its Advanced Teleoperation (ATO) platform, providing both direct and indirect remote control of autonomous vehicles.

Ottopia’s ATO platform utilizes proprietary network bonding and ultra-low latency video compression reliably to deliver real-time remote operation of vehicles over existing public cellular networks.

Ottopia focuses on safety and scale. By employing advanced AI and indirect methods of control, the operator is able to support multiple autonomous vehicles efficiently. The platform also introduces an active safety layer of vehicle-side software that ensures safe operation even in harsh conditions such as lost cellular connection or extreme weather.

The platform also enables remote control of non-autonomous vehicles in industries such as freight, shipping, and construction.

Ottopia will publicly demonstrate its platform during EcoMotion Week, taking place 10 – 13 June 2019 at the Pavilion 1, EXPO in Tel Aviv.



The T model could travel across continents where no roads existed, modern cars are designed with inter connective GPS and ground based connectivity and near future no seering wheel. What will happen whe the links don't work the roads don't exist etc What if the vehicle spends 90% of it's time out of range or maps?
What happens when connected vehicles 'encounter (or try to factor in at greater distance) 'dark vehicles.
Will it be a similar experience for drivers of vintage vehicles ( most of which are now running those new fangled hydraulic brakes I'm told! ) where high speed computer dynamic enabled ABS are tailgating at ridiculous freeway speeds whilst reducing separation to reduce air resistance?
I can see how that would get older vehicles off the road earlier and the drivers? well they were probably on a low income and a terminal condition was best for them any way?

Curious to understand how developers approach these questions.

Anna Shetty

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