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DTE Energy, a Detroit-based diversified energy company, announced a plan to bring the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) to more Michigan residents and businesses through its new “Charging Forward” program of incentives, customer education and charging infrastructure growth.

Michigan is the nation’s automotive center, but it lags many other states in EV adoption. Limited consumer awareness and “range anxiety” are two factors suppressing increased EV acceptance. DTE’s Charging Forward initiative takes both concerns head-on with increased customer education campaigns as well as incentives that will foster the development of an expanded infrastructure of EV chargers.

DTE will provide a rebate of up to $500 to a residential customer who purchases or leases a new or used EV, installs a qualified Level 2 charger and enrolls in a special rate beneficial for EV charging. DTE’s business customers can also receive incentives of $2,500 per port and $20,000 per charger when they install Level 2 or DC Fast Chargers.

The program will encourage DTE customers to charge their EVs during off-peak hours, which will help spread the demand on the electric grid. The distributed demand is expected to add efficiencies to DTE’s electric distribution and put downward pressure on prices, creating a win-win-win opportunity for DTE customers, local economies, and the environment.

The Charging Forward program will also help DTE further its understanding of the EV market and its customers, as well as learn how EV increased demand can be used as a tool to provide benefits to all of DTE’s customers.

Increasing the number of EVs on the road—including in DTE’s own fleet—is part of the company’s vision for clean energy in Michigan. DTE has committed to reducing its carbon emissions by at least 80% by 2040, and these environmental gains will be further advanced with increased EV adoption.

Additionally, DTE has formed partnerships in the public and private sectors to extend charging stations to public areas. As part of the Detroit Mobility Innovation Initiative, DTE will install chargers in public areas such as Detroit’s Beacon Park, with future sites under consideration. In addition, DTE has partnered with both GM and Ford in testing tools to enable EV charging features that are grid-friendly.


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