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Volkswagen T-Cross SUV gets 1.6 TDI diesel option in Europe

The newest member of Volkswagen’s growing SUV family is gaining a frugal new engine option as the T-Cross is now available with a Euro-6-compliant 95 PS, 1.6-liter TDI diesel engine. This extends the T-Cross engine options to three: two turbocharged gasoline units and now one turbodiesel.


The 95 PS four cylinder 1.6-liter turbocharged diesel also has the highest torque peak yet seen in T-Cross, developing 250 N·m versus the 115 PS 1.0-litre TSI’s 200 N·m, across the same 1500-2500 rpm rev range.

Reflecting the flexibility of the engine, all trim levels bar entry-level S will benefit from the option of the 1.6-liter turbodiesel. Customers can also choose between a five-speed manual gearbox and a seven-speed DSG unit, although the majority are expected to take the manual option in the UK. The 0-62 mph time for the manual car is 11.9 seconds while the DSG-equipped car takes 12.5 seconds to cover the same sprint.



It'll probably be a big seller excluding the cities where diesels are banned, or might be banned.


95 PS is a joke from a 1,6-liter engine. Anti-downsizing? The state-of-the-art level is 160 hp from a 1,6-liter engine with single-turbo. De-rating such an engine all the way down to 95 PS does not make much sense. A 3-cylinder 1.2-liter engine could do the same job with significantly lower fuel consumption. That engine would still be de-rated somewhat from the potential 120 PS level, which, of course, make sense, if this is the targeted power level.

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