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Autotalks and NoTraffic cooperate to deliver a traffic management platform with global V2X

Autotalks, a provider of V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) communication solutions, is supplying its chipset to NoTraffic’s autonomous traffic management platform, which enables the delivery of infrastructure sensor information to vehicles through V2I communications.

The integrated solution is capable of identifying a whole range of objects including vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians and communicate this information using DSRC or C-V2X to oncoming vehicles.

The vehicles will alert drivers and, in the future, automatically brake to avoid an accident in a time of danger.

Autotalks and NoTraffic will be spotlighting their integrated solution at the 7th EcoMotion Main Event, a show exhibiting Israel’s smart transportation sector, being held at Pavilion 1 at EXPO Exhibition Grounds in Tel Aviv on 11 June 2019.


utotalks’ deployment-ready, second-generation V2X chipset is the first available solution which supports both DSRC based on 802.11p/ITS-G5 standards and C-V2X based on 3GPP release 14 and 15 specifications with embedded V2X cyber-security functionality.

The chipset allows customers to easily toggle between DSRC and C-V2X communications. NoTraffic’s platform includes fusing various sensor data (camera, radar, V2X) at intersections working directly with a centralized system in the cloud to enhance traffic flow and road user safety. The integration of Autotalks’ V2X chipset enables NoTraffic to use vision sensors to improve V2X effectiveness.


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