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Wallbox expands into US market

Barcelona-based electric vehicle (EV) charging station manufacturer Wallbox will enter the US market. Four-year-old Wallbox, which has installed more than 20,000 of its charging units in 30 European markets and overseas as far as New Zealand and China, offers versatile universal charging solutions with proprietary technology, such as facial recognition, smart sensors, secure access control, remote programming, and a dynamic cloud-based app.

Apart from having a line of car-agnostic charging solutions that are fast and efficient, Wallbox offers its myWallbox cloud-based charging management platform to make charging a car as easy as charging a smartphone. Customers have access to real-time updates, innovations and remote programming. The user-friendly app complements Wallbox’s goal of engaging customers and inspiring EV adoption.

The US EV market grew 81% in 2018, signaling that electric vehicles are no longer considered a rare sight but instead a technology being widely adopted throughout the country. Yet the US still lags behind electric mobility in Europe and Asia. AAA data points to charging station availability as one of the biggest barriers to widespread adoption in the US.


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