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British start-up Charge Cars will debut its fully electric Mustang at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Charge vehicle is built using officially licensed Ford Mustang shells from the 1960s, with components supplied by EV technology company Arrival.

Charge Mustang - image 2

Only 499 versions of the classic redesign will be built, with prices starting from £300,000 (US$380,300).

The fully electric Mustang features:

  • Four-wheel drive (with independent wheel control) 4-IWD

  • V-max speed: 240 kph / 149 mph

  • 0 - 60mph: under 3.99 sec

  • Range: 200 mi

  • Motor torque: 1200 N·m

  • Wheel torque: 7500 N·m

  • Peak Power: 400 kW

  • Battery capacity: 64 kWh

  • DC charging: 50 kW


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