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In the next several months, Hyundai dealers in the US that subscribe to CDK Global’s Hailer service can offer Hyundai owners easy access to Lyft rides while their vehicles are being serviced. The Lyft rides can either be offered free of charge or at a cost that can be automatically added to the customer’s service bill for seamless payment at each individual dealership’s discretion.

These Lyft rides help address significant customer hurdles around transportation while a vehicle is being serviced or inspected, minimizing time spent waiting at the dealership.

Previously, service customers could take the dealer-offered shuttle or loaner vehicle, wait for their car to be serviced or find their own transportation to and from the dealership. Hailer has the opportunity to increase customer satisfaction through a decline in wait times, which reflects an industry shift that has the potential to improve customer experience and business efficiency.

As an example, a Hyundai customer calls their service advisor to schedule an appointment at a participating dealership. At the dealership, the service advisor offers a Lyft ride after writing up the work order. The Lyft ride arrives a few minutes later to take the customer to work, and when the work is complete, the service advisor arranges another Lyft ride back to the dealership.

The customer gets a text message through Hailer when the Lyft ride is in route, and the rides are automatically added to the customer’s service bill by the dealership. The process is simple for customers and does not require that they have the Lyft app on their smartphone to order rides.

The integration is also easy for participating Hyundai dealers because it allows them to automate billing, set ride spending limits and approve service. The improved Hailer experience simplifies a dealership’s service to customers and ultimately reduces the number of customers waiting in service lounges.


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