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Saudi Aramco and Air Products recently inaugurated the first hydrogen fueling station in Saudi Arabia at Air Products’ new Technology Center in the Dhahran Techno Valley Science Park. The pilot station will fuel an initial fleet of six Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicles with high-purity compressed hydrogen.

This pilot project represents an exciting opportunity for Saudi Aramco and Air Products to demonstrate the potential of hydrogen in the transport sector and its viability as a sustainable fuel for the future. Today’s milestone is an important step in making oil-to-hydrogen a reality as Saudi Aramco continues to be focused on creating breakthrough technologies and solutions as part of our long term efforts to reduce carbon emissions and address climate concerns.

— Amin H. Nasser, President and CEO of Saudi Aramco

The new fueling station combines Saudi Aramco’s industrial and technological experience with Air Products’ know-how and experience in the field of hydrogen fueling.

Air Products’ proprietary SmartFuel hydrogen fueling technology will be incorporated into the new station to supply Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Vehicles with compressed hydrogen. The data collected during the initial phase of this project will provide valuable information for the assessment of future applications of this emerging and diverse transport technology in the local environment.



S-A has enough NG to produce lower cost H2 for local market and export 100+ years. Hope that the associated CO2 will be captured, stored or reuse.

Frank Ober

Thank you Saudi Arabia!

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