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Sigfox and INDIGO weel partner to improve urban bike sharing

Self-service bicycle fleet INDIGO weel, a subsidiary of the INDIGO group, has been fitted with sensors, supported by Sigfox’s 0G network, that can accurately pinpoint their location at any given time. As the number of shared vehicles in circulation increases, this integration of Sigfox technology will help to better protect the fleet from damage or theft.

The Sigfox solution offers multiple benefits for INDIGO weel:

  • An easier customer journey: pinpointing the location of bicycles more accurately, in real-time, allows users of the service to locate bikes on the street faster and more easily;

  • Better protection against damage and theft due to a greater understanding of high-risk areas;

  • A reduction in repair costs thanks to reusable sensors that can easily be transferred from a damaged bike to a new one;

  • Flexible technology that can be used in other markets, if the INDIGO weel service expands internationally, courtesy of Sigfox’s global 0G network that spans some sixty countries; and

  • Durable sensors that consume very little energy.


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