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Volkswagen inaugurated its “We Campus” in Berlin. The new “We Campus” will bring together about 900 experts from Volkswagen and its technology partners who have previously worked at different locations. In future, they will develop new added value and mobility services which will be offered within the “Volkswagen We” ecosystem. This also includes the full-electric car sharing service WeShare which has been launched in Berlin with 1,500 e-Golf vehicles. (Earlier post.) Volkswagen is continuously expanding its ecosystem and intends to create further future-oriented jobs at the campus.

Volkswagen has oriented the facility near Alexanderplatz entirely towards the requirements of modern digital development work. A key role will be played by agile working methods, which have been given special attention in the design of the office space, with a total area of 15,900 square meters. In future, interdisciplinary experts including specialists such as product developers, software engineers and UX designers will work together directly at the “We Campus”. Participating technology partners can be directly involved. This will simplify procedures and accelerate the testing of newly developed software and apps.

Volkswagen is applying the “two-pizza rule” known from tech companies. Under this organizational principle, agile teams must be so small that two pizzas would be adequate to feed all the team members. This approach suggests that a team size of between eight and ten experts is ideal for promoting personal information exchange and reaping the benefits of agile working including speed and self-organization without hierarchies.

At the new location, Volkswagen AG and its strategic partner Diconium, as well as UMI Mobility International, Volkswagen Group Services and Elli, the Volkswagen Naturstrom provider will all join forces.

In addition, the new Campus as a development center will play an important role in the new “Car.Software” unit (earlier post) of the Volkswagen Group and offer itself as a location for other Group brands. By 2025, Volkswagen intends to group more than 5,000 experts in competence areas such as software development, electrical and electronics development, connectivity, automated driving, user experience (UX), cloud architecture and e-commerce together in an agile “Car.Software” unit.

With its “Volkswagen We” ecosystem, Volkswagen is offering a growing range of vehicle-related digital and mobility services which can be used in the car or via a smart phone. These include applications for cashless parking and battery charging (“We Charge”), opening your own car for parcel services and cleaning (“We Deliver” in the new Passat), easy, convenient parking (“We Park”) and the full-electric car sharing service “WeShare”.

Volkswagen is continuously expanding the range of services available within the “Volkswagen We” ecosystem. From 2020, all new models, starting with the full-electric ID.3, are to be connected to the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud. This will make many functions and services technically feasible for the first time, including vehicle updates and individual and on-demand functions which can be enabled in the car. More than 1.5 million customers are already registered with “Volkswagen We” and the number is steadily growing.


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